Collection Romantic Rose

The Romantic Rose collection was born out of fascination for the rose – an eternal symbol of beauty, love, passion, and grace – and for Paris, the hometown of the Roi Doré Bijoux International. The French capital is one-of-a-kind place on Earth: the City of Love, with its romantic walks by the Seine, inimitable charm of narrow, little streets and majestic stairs leading up the Montmartre hill, connecting space and time – a modern bustling City of Lights and centuries-old artistic traditions.

The Romantic Rose collection was designed by the Galerie Roi Doré in collaboration with the best fashion jewelry makers from Paris, thus becoming a part of the rich tradition of the French know-how and luxury culture. Classical, ageless motive of rose comes in a variety of colors and forms, some even decorated with petals of 24K gold.

The Romantic Rose collection offers a jewelry both elegant, sophisticated and sensual, associating a timeless classic and a subtle modernity.