Collection Albrecht Dürer

Beautiful and mysterious pendants inspired by one of the most famous engravings of all time – Albrecht Dürer’s Melencolia I.

The Magic square pendants are directly inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s 1514 masterpiece: Melencolia I. Exquisite beauty of the engraving along with its mysterious nature, continue to fuel the fascination of art lovers for more than 5 centuries. The highly allegorical work was never fully explained – even though some the most eminent specialists on art history wrote on the subject – and the “magic square” is the most mysterious motive of Melencolia I. In this 4×4 magic square – the first printed in Europe – each row, column, and diagonal adds to the same number, 34. Additionally, the corners and each quadrant sum to 34, as do other combinations. Dürer’s magic square continues to fascinate art historians, mathematicians, numerologists and all fans of beauty and mystery.

Our Magic square pendants carefully emulate the original’s beauty and finesse to offer you a truly original, intriguing, high-end accessory which will complete perfectly any outfit, while also adding a touch of mystery.