About RD Bijoux

Roi Doré Bijoux is a brand of a luxury fashion jewelry, born out of a collaboration between two exceptional partners: the Galerie Roi Doré and the Atelier Magic Paris. The Galerie Roi Doré is an art gallery from Paris, France, present for soon-to-be 10 years on the international art market, and enjoying a well-established renown. The Galerie’s experience with artworks and with high-end design objects guarantees the highest level of products on offer by Roi Doré Bijoux.

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"The Last Painting" by Zdzisław Beksiński

On February 21st 2005, Beksiński wrote in his journal: "Maybe, against all odds, I'll manage to finish the painting today". He finished it. And a few hours later, the painting signed "Y" became a silent witness of the artist’s death. This painting inspired the RD Bijoux to create a collection paying tribute to the Master.

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"Métroanonymus" by Artur Majka

Artur Majka is a Polish-French artist living in Paris. He designed the "Métroanonymus" collection, inspired by his own drawing, paintings and spatial constructions.

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The Romantic Rose collection designed by the Galerie Roi Doré.

This collection was born out of fascination for the rose - an eternal symbol of beauty, love, passion, and grace - and for Paris, the hometown of the Roi Doré Bijoux.
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